Compound balanced belt(Type No A4,A3)

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Compound balanced belt(Type No A4,A3)

Product Abstract:

Compound balanced belt Raw material: carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc Width and Length could produce as clients request. Specification could be confirm by words or drawing

Product Description

Compound balanced belt(Type No A4,A3) 


The left-wound right-wound spirals are fitted tightly together alternately and jointed with straight rods.A4 uses 4 rods for one spiral to joint.A3 uses 3 rods for

 one spiral to joint.


1.Since the surface is flat and smooth,the belts can carry small items and unstable products.

2.The allowable tension is high,so that heavy load can be transported.

3.The belt strenght against pressure is high,so that the belts can be used for processing under pressure.

4.The belts can be used at high temperature.

5.The belts can be used for textile products refining and cleaning process. 

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