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Lots Type Tea Infuser

Product Abstract:

Different Lots Type Tea Infuser, more design also could customized as your request

Product Description

Different Lots Type Tea Infuser

Also named: tea strainer cup, tea infuser, wholesale tea strainers, tea stainer, tea canisters, tea ball, strainer,

package tea, tea spoon stainless, metal tea infuser, etc

This Owl type tea strainer is special produce for Germany company, As our rules not supply this model for other company.

Now that company sells well in Europe.

If you need type like that, please supply sample or drawing to us for make mould and sample for you reference and confirm.

If that company contact us and request we delete it from our web, we will do as their request. 



Silicone tea strainer like following types


More type or idea could contact us:


Hebei Golden Flame Wire Mesh Co., Limited.


Contact Person: Mr. Stone Wu

Add:  Wire Mesh Industrial Park, Anping County, Hebei Province, China.
Web: http://www.goldenflamewiremesh.com

Tel:   +86-150 9738 2937 ?also is Whatsapp number?
Mob: +86-153 6914 1988
Mail: sales@goldenflamewiremesh.com  
Skype: tomwufromchina
QQ: 814637182 

Wechat : worldinboss


    Company:   http://www.facebook.com/goldenflamewiremesh?fref=ts 

                       Hebei Golden Flame Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. 

    Stone Wu:  100005040942260@facebook.com   814637182@qq.com  


Linkedin: Stone Wu (Sales Manager at Hebei Golden Flame Wire Mesh Co., Limited)


Twitter: @Stone_Wu_GFWM  http://twitter.com/Stone_Wu_GFWM

Google Plus: Stone Wu (wirenettingpeter@gmail.com)










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