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Polyester screen printing mesh

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Quick Details
Material: 100% Polyester, (nylon available if needed)
Monofilament Style: Yes
Weave Type: Plain weave, twill weave is available if necessary.
Place Of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Mesh Count: 13mesh/cm--165mesh/cm
Printing: Polyester Screen Printing
Elasticity: High
Elongation Rate: Low
Characteristic: low elongation,high tension strength
Application:: textiles, cloths,glass,ceramic,CD,DVD,Electronic nameplate

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: PVC bag (paper tube) inside, carton, and then PVC weaving cloth outside, or according to the customer's request
Delivery Detail: 5 days

Complete information of Polyester Screen Printing Mesh

1. Material: 100% polyester (nylon available if needed)
2. Weaving: Plain weave (Twill weave available if needed)
3. Mesh Count:13~ 165T mesh/cm(33 ~420 mesh/inch)
4. Max. width: 360 cm
5. Color: white/yellow, other colors on request
We can provide products in special specifications according to your need.

High tensility and low extending degree
Precise control
Tiny and stable change
Perfect emulsion
High quality printing results

our polyester screen printing mesh (white, yellow etc) are used widely in textile printing, plate making printing, electronic printing, ceramics, glass, stained paper printing, label plate, advertising, arts and crafts and mobile telephone dustproof aspects and Electronic nameplate,data plate,Solar panels,Circuit board and all kinds of screen printing.

Recommendations: mesh selecting for screen printing


165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 90T/230-48; 32T/81-55(/100)

Backlit panels

165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 90T/230-48


165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34


165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 100T/255-40; 90T/230-48; 77T/195-55

71T/180-55; 68T/175-55; 62T/160-64; 54T/137-64; 48T/122-70; 43T/110-80; 32T/81-55(/100); 12T/30-150

Membrane Switches

165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 110T/280-34; 100T/255-40; 90T/230-48

77T/195-55;71T/180-55; 48T/122-70; 36T/90-100

Credit Cards

150T/380-31; 120T/300-34; 100T/255-40; 71T/180-55


165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 110T/280-34, 90T/230-48; 36T/90-100

Ceramic Tiles

165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 100T/255-40; 77T/195-55; 62T/160-64

43T/110-80; 36T/90-100; 32T/81-55(/100); 12T/30-150


165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 100T/255-40; 90T/230-48; 77T/195-55

68T/175-55; 62T/160-64; 43T/110-80


150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 100T/255-40; 77T/195-55; 62T/160-64; 54T/137-64

47T/120-55; 43T/110-80; 40T/100-80; 36T/90-100; 32T/81-55(/100); 16T/40-200; 12T/30-150


165T/420-31; 150T/380-31; 140T/355-34; 120T/300-34; 100T/255-40

Other terms
Min. order: 50 m
Payment: T/T
Normal Sample time: 2 days
Samples will be dispatched under freight burden by buyer, the cost refund after order is fixed.

All orders will be shipped by air or courier or by sea.
Tracking Number will be emailed to you after order has been shipped.
If you did not receive The Tracking Number email within one week when confirming payment,check your spam folder first and then contact us.
Please note:
1.Shipment time will depend on your order quantity and the country delivered to. 2.We are not responsible for any accidents,delays that are caused by the Customs or shipping service.

Refund Policy
Return or Exchange:Please provide detail of product problem.
The buyer must contact us within 7 days of delivery if they wish to exchange defective or incorrectly shipped items.
The buyer is responsible for all return shipping cost.

Please give us feedback after you receive the goods. We will work with you to solve any problems.

We do hope can have more chances cooperate with you.and you will get a big surprise.

Manufacturing Process of Screen Printing Mesh
Polyester screen printing mesh production

Production Information of Polyester Screen Printing Mesh


Polyester screen printing mesh production

Production Information of Polyester Screen Printing Mesh

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