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Stainless steel sieve bend

Product Abstract:

Aperture: 0.05-45mm; material SS304,316,316L; Filter rating high; Heat- Resistance, corrosion resisting.

Product Description

Stainless steel sieve bend


Stainless steel curved sieve, Stainless steel radial sieve, Stainless steel sieve bend,

Stainless steel arc sieve, Stainless steel wedge wire screen, etc.


Aperture: 0.05-45mm

material SS304,316,316L

Filter rating high

Heat- Resistance, corrosion resisting


The sieve bend (curved sieve) is the purpose of an external high-speed pumping fluid material

flowing into the arc mesh, relying on centrifugal force and gravity of the water in the sieve gate

relative shear movement, separating the solids and liquids to sieve. The same time, the online

gathering solids, with the flow rolling down liquid continuously hydraulic erosion sieve gate,

making it play a role in self-purification, thus completing the whole process of sieve continuous

self-purification and solids collected.


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