How to get small order from us when your quantity less than MOQ
2014-11-28 15:41:52

We think you may meet this situation when you buying goods, You find a good fashion or suit specificaiton from supplier or seller, You only need one or few quantity to use. This quantity less than the MOQ.


How to solve this problem? Please read the rule of Hebei Golden Flame Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.


1. First you need contact the person (Mr. Stone Wu) of Hebei Golden Flame Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. by mobilbe +86-15369141988 or email (Other contact information please see "Contact Us"), noted the specification and quantity you need.


2. Waiting for our reply mail to discuss the project you interested.


3. Both you and us agree the price and quantity (less than MOQ), You need pay the deposit to us. We will waiting other customer order (or we plan increasing this specification stock) closed to MOQ quantity, we will produce and arrange send goods to you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us once you need or have other idea.


Mr. Stone Wu 


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